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Watch my son Alex’s YouTube channel!

Alex’s channel is here: ALeXMXeLA

We’ve now posted 10 episodes on Alex’s YouTube channel. There are 15 more that he has already recorded that I’ll be posting as soon as I can get to them. All the ones posted so far are Minecraft videos, but he’s been branching out into other games on some of the ones in the queue to be posted.

Please subscribe, please watch, please tell your friends to watch. Especially ones with K-3 age kids who might enjoy watching a six year old playing games. He is really excited about doing these, so it would be nice to have a few people looking.

I’ll especially call out Episode 8 here, because in it he requests that the people watching vote for who won the “Building Time” contest we had, and give suggestions for our next Building Time. So watch and leave your comments on YouTube!

Here is Episode 8, which he titled “Building Time – Nala Part 4”:

Thanks all!

[Edit 15:24 UTC to fix typo.]

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