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@ElecCollPolls tweets from 2016-08-29 (UTC)

  • 01:33:55 Changing averages to re-weight polls that report multiple results going faster than I expected. See change in CA:
  • 01:37:55 The CA change is live on the CA page & summary page. Next up will be checking a state where this changes the model.
  • 02:06:20 CA/NY/MA now reflect the new logic. Going from most Dem to most Rep. No category changes yet. But breaking for dinner now. :-)
  • 06:52:24 Got to the first state (VA) where the logic change adjusts the historical bubble. Current state not changed yet.
  • 06:53:38 VA also changed the tipping point historical chart, although again not the current value.
  • 08:02:13 Everything on the spectrum from DC to OR, plus CT, is now using the new logic. 38/56 still 2 go, but I gotta call it a night. More tomorrow.
  • 16:04:20 Clinton vs Trump state category change: WI has moved from Strong Clinton to Weak Clinton
  • 16:17:12 Trump best case vs Clinton has changed: Clinton 267 to Trump 271 -> Clinton 257 to Trump 281
  • 16:25:59 The move of Wisconsin to the new rules was the first to actually change the current assessment. Bubble change:
  • 16:37:33 OK, DC to CT on the spectrum, plus WI, now using the new logic. But I have to go to the day job now. More tonight.

@abulsme tweets from 2016-08-29 (UTC)