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January 2019
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Curmudgeon’s Corner: You Deserve It

On this week’s Curmudgeon’s Corner, Sam and Ivan discuss the Shutdown/Wall and Trump/Russia. Again. Then they squeeze in some international topics. Before that though, Ivan complains about the severe bone chilling 49 degree Fahrenheit cold spell in Southern Florida.

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Show Details:

Recorded 2019-01-25
Length this week – 1:56:18

  • (0:01:54-0:13:58) But First
    • Agenda
    • Predictions show correction
    • Slack invites
    • Ivan and Cold
  • (0:14:38-0:52:57) Shutdown
    • Trump’s first deal offer
    • Negotiating positions
    • Trump caves on the SOTU
    • The blame game
    • Trump on the ropes
    • A moral issue?
    • Ways out
    • Let them eat cake!
    • Escalating consequences
  • (0:54:40-1:29:09) Trump/Russia
    • Buzzfeed on Trump suborning perjury
    • Giuliani still an idiot
    • Russian asset?
    • Master plan vs stupidity
    • Clearances
    • Cohen testifying?
    • Open crimes vs hidden crimes
  • (1:29:46-1:55:57) International
    • NATO
    • Venezuela
    • Syria
    • Russia
    • Davos
    • Brexit

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Stuff over at Election Graphs

This week I’ll finally be doing some election geek posts over at with some analysis of the difference between the final state poll averages I had in 2008-2016 and the actual election results.

I just posted the first one a few minutes ago.

That kind of stuff is now over there, not here, so if you want it, you either need to be checking itself, subscribe to it with an RSS reader (RSS link), follow @ElectionGraphs on Twitter, or follow Election Graphs on Facebook.

This is still analysis of old stuff. New stuff for 2020 will be coming soon, but not quite yet. I will probably post again here once that actually starts. But if you want my “election stuff” follow one of the above…

One preview graph from the first of this series of posts…