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July 2003

Closet Doors

When I got home today, the people had been here again. They put the doors back up on my closet and rehung the shade for the hall light and the carbon monoxide detector and stuff.

They looked at the dryer, but just left a note saying “clean the lint trap after each use”. Well DUH. OK, I do clean it BEFORE each use, and I forgot to clean it before they came, although I did remember to empty the dryer. But I *do* do that. Every time. The problem is the lint trap isn’t catching everything and a lot of lint is getting through that and into the rest of the works. And the stupid thing does get warm, just not warm enough. I have to run it full length (2 hours) two times to get a load dry. Three times if there are any towels or sheets or blankets in there.

But you know, screw it. I’m in this apartment for LESS THAN FOUR MORE WEEKS. And this dryer has had these issues almost the whole time I’ve been here. So I’m not going to call and bitch and tell them to look more deeply. I’m going to ignore it, and the next person who lives here can deal with it.

But at least the closet doors are back on.

Apple Guide

This page seems to be pretty useful. Shows where Apple Products are within the average product cyles for each line. Neat. Says not to buy a Powerbook now, cause they are overdue for an update. Which I knew. But cool. I plan to replace my powerbook at the end of January with whatever is the best powerbook available at that time. I am hoping for not just a speedbump but a major revision before then. But we shall see.

This page provides a product summary for each Apple model. The intent is to provide our best recommendations regarding current product cycles, and to provide a summary of currently available rumors for each model.

(via “Sick of Waiting” thread on AppleInsider)

Greenspan Rate Comments

If Greenspan cuts rates and mortgage rates drop again before my closing on August 11th now that I’ve locked in, I’ll be quite pissed at myself, and Ivan can say “I told you so”.

Greenspan Says Fed Could Cut Rates Again (AP on Yahoo News)

The Federal Reserve stands ready to reduce interest rates even further if necessary to boost the sluggish economy and guard against a destabilizing fall in prices, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said Tuesday.

Although, the next Fed meeting, which is when these things usually happen, will be August 12th, which is the day after my closing. So it probably won’t affect me. :-)


It would not be fun to have to be a voter in this and pick between characters like this. But I don’t live in California, and watching this from the sidelines is going to be fun!

The Battle of the Accents (Don Hazen, Alternet)

Hard to believe, but this fall those two accented icons, Greek-born Arianna Huffington and Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzenegger, may well be battling to the wire to take the California governorship away from sad sack Gray Davis, who has embarrassed himself to near unanimous public contempt in the state.

(via Cursor)

Four for Kelly

I coulda been in at 13 today. Alarm rang at 11. Was concious by 11:50. Out of bed by 12:10. But I took my time again. Put away laundry. Tidyed up in case the maintenence people come again to fix the closet. Watched an episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. See, I knew my first meeting wasn’t until 14. But it means another $4 gone. Oh well. Time to get ready for that meeting.

Day 4

Day 4 of my redesigned site. Woo! I am about to do the sleep thing. But before I do… I’m all curious about just how long it will take before someone from my regular top ten actually notices this revised site and comments on it. I wonder which of them (of those who have made my top ten in the last year) will notice and comment on it first. Dunno. Could be any of them I guess.

Greg and Brandy knew I was working on adding the blog, cause they helped me test and set it up on a different URL before I made it the home page. But neither of them have commented on it since I actually activated it on the site. And certainly nobody else has.

Dunno. Perhaps I should offer a prize for the first person from the last year of top tens who notices and says something to me. Or not. :-)

Anyway, bedtime. ZZZzzz…