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July 2003

DirecTV for Dad (Sorta)

Well, finally have DirecTV (with Tivo!) installed for my dad. On the roof. It went really well. Except for two things.

One, the dish did not arrive in time. So I brought my dish from New Jersey. My dish is now on my dad’s roof. Which means I have no dish for myself. Now, as soon as my dad’s dish arrives, I will take it back to MY place, but it probably won’t arrive before I leave here Sunday. Which means I have to make a trip back just to get it, not to mention I’ll have to assemble it.

Two, one of the two DirecTivo recievers arrived non-functional. You can hear the drive try to spin up when you plug it in, but it never actually starts up. So we’ll have to return it and get them to send another. :-( Again, another trip down.

So, a partial success. The TV on the first floor is now completely satellite tivo enabled. The second floor is still a no go though, and that is the one my dad and step-mom will use most. :-( So I have to get that up and running soon. Hopefully before this coming weekend. I think I’ll probably make a special up and down in the same night trip to get the dish and set up the replacement reciever.

But in the meantime, I’ll be without television at home! Woe is me!!