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July 2003

Almost Forgot!

I almost forgot to submit anything today. It has been very busy. Some work stuff, but mostly getting ready for closing on the new house and related things. About 24 hours ago I got the call from Brandy that the final Mortgage Commitment (no longer contingent on anything) had come through. That was the last real obsticle. Absent something completely and totally unexpected, I should be closing on the new place a week from Monday.

Today I finished paying off my current bills so I would know exactly how much I had left and would know how much more of my savings I would have to liquidate for closing. I finished all that over lunch. I determined what I needed to sell. I sold almost all the rest of one mutual fund I had been putting $100 a month into for the last several years, just leaving a little bit there. And I went ahead and did a “cashless sale” on 338 of 438 stock options in my company, leaving 100 for some other day. All these transactions should clear by next Wednesday, after which I need to transfer all the cash to my checking account for Thursday, and get myself a nice fat cashier’s check for Friday to be ready for closing.

I’ll have the check and amount in my checking for a decent bit more than what I expect to actually need at closing. First as a “just in case” something unexpected comes up at closing, the rest for things I know I will need to buy for the house right after I move. Closing on the 11th. Moving furniture on the 12th. Moving most of the rest of my stuff slowy over the next week (maybe two) after that. Out of my apartment by the 30th when I leave for the Idaho vacation.

Wow! It is coming up fast!

In the mean time though, I am in a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike as I type. I am heading down to DC to install the second DirecTV receiver for my dad and get that all set up, and grab the new dish to take home and set up. I’ve been without new TV for over four days! (Although this has allowed me to catch up somewhat on things the Tivo already had.)

Anyway, I think I’m going to run in and get a softdrink, then get back on the road. I need to get to DC before my dad goes to bed, and then finish up what I need to do and head back in time to still get an hour or two of sleep before my morning meetings back in New Jersey for work.

So that’s it for now…