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July 2003

Tivo Ratings

If Tivo becomes widespread and these sort of ratings details become commonplace, it will indeed radically change the economic model of television. But for the better I think.

Earlier this summer, TiVo – makers of a personal video recording device – unveiled an analytical tool that can tell advertisers, ad agencies and television networks not only how many people tune into a show, but whether they’re watching the ads. The technology is far more accurate than a Nielsen rating because it uses computer technology to track viewing habits, not handwritten surveys filled out by viewers after the fact.

Broadcasters are frightened over this development, according to a new report by BusinessWeek Online. “This is the beginning of the end of that drunken orgy of dollars spent on broadcast TV as the ultimate ‘reach’ vehicle,” said Tim Hanlon, vice-president for emerging contacts at Starcom MediaVest, an ad agency that helped TiVo design its new service.


Robot Segway

OK, now as I mentioned to some people right after the Segway came out, THIS is the kind of thing that seems like the most probable common use. We’ll see how it turns out. But I’d been waiting to see this.

(via SlashDot)

Two Others Before BlueYonder and Lynn

OK, looks like a couple other people may have looked at the redesigned site before Lynn did. Going back in the log files I missed a couple. followed a link to me from Funny Pet Photos which highlighted a picture I took of Sara soon after I found her on I-95.

That hit was after the basic redesign of the site, but before I added the camera.

Then there was a hit from No referrer, so I don’t know what brought them here. But it looks like it might be a real human. All the other hits so far to the front page are either me or robots I think. A few hits to random pages on the site from search engines as well, and Brandy hit the camera page, but I’m not looking at those right now.

But anyway, Lynn appears to be the first person I know to look at the new front page (including the return of the AbulCam) and BlueYonder person seems to be the first person coming from the Ecosystem link. And Brandy did look at the camera (I’d given her the URL since she was with me when I bought the iSight). Nobody who has made my email top ten in the last year has looked at the front page yet as far as I can tell. It will probably be awhile. None of them check the site regularly I don’t think. :-)

OK. Enough watching log files for now. I have to clean that birdcage, get some food, and then answer email!

Hello Blueyonder

Hello to You seem to be the first person other than myself hitting the front page after following a link from the Ecosystem. Glad to have you! :-)

It looks like my friend Lynn also hit the front page of my site a little bit earlier, and was the first real human being other than myself to look at the redesigned front page of my site as far as I can tell. She emailed me. I’ll email her back in a bit. I’m behind on my email so it might take me a little bit. :-)

I’m behind on my email because I’m determined to clean my parakeets’ cage before sitting down to do email, and I’m procrastinating.

True Again?

What? The buying uranium thing that was from information in documents proved to be forged and widely discredited many months ago is now true again because it is supported by “other intelligence”? It sounds like grasping at straws to me. Plus, they can’t keep their story straight.

WASHINGTON – The Bush administration said Sunday the president’s statement in the State of the Union address about Iraq (news – web sites)’s seeking uranium was accurate and is supported by other British and U.S. information.

I’m a bright?

I guess I am a bright. But I think this new name sucks, and is not a meme that will last. I’ll stick with agnostic I think. Opinion piece here by Daniel Dennett.

The time has come for us brights to come out of the closet. What is a bright? A bright is a person with a naturalist as opposed to a supernaturalist world view. We brights don’t believe in ghosts or elves or the Easter Bunny — or God. We disagree about many things, and hold a variety of views about morality, politics and the meaning of life, but we share a disbelief in black magic — and life after death.

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Insignificant Microbe

OK. I went ahead and added myself to the Blogosphere Ecosystem on The Truth Laid Bear. I don’t expect ever to evolve beyond the “Insignificant Microbe” category as I never have and probably never will really promote this site, I just do it for my own gratification. I’m pretty much the only one who ever looks at it. But hey, might as well get on some lists for a few more occational random hits. :-)

The pMachine software I’m using for this also automatically notifies whenever I make an update. And I’ve noticed that apperantly a few other automated blog trackers apperantly take their cues from to decide when to scan things. Which is cool I guess. At least more robotic spiders will see my site!

Oh, and to make sure I get on both the link list and the traffic list at the Ecosystem, I added the silly sitemeter thing too. You can click on the traffic meter at the very bottom of this page and see all by stats. At least for the parts of my site I’ve added the new footer to so far. Right now it validates that I am the only one looking at this. Which is OK. :-)

Hmmm. After setting up the webcam and then adding the counter and registering myself for the ecosystem. I think it is time to call it a day. Or night. Or whatever.

Trouble Brewing

The strains are apperantly building up in Kurdistan.

Turkey warned the U.S. that its troops will fire back at U.S. soldiers if another attempt is made to arrest Turkish soldiers in Iraq, Milliyet daily reported, without saying how it obtained the information.

(via Unqualified Offerings)

Heart Tossing

Eww! This is a little bizzare. Although at the same time quite cool. This kid had to have a heart transplant. But after it was over, they let him PLAY WITH HIS OLD HEART!!!

(via Dave Barry)

Late to the Blogosphere

I’m late. I knew I was slow starting to do this. Should have done it a long time ago. But at least I beat the BIG crowd!

The “blogosphere” may never be the same after America Online releases free blog-publishing software to its 34 million members this summer.

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