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July 2003

He’ll be crushed!

Kasp is ready to try again against another computer. I wonder if I’ll be able to get tickets again! These are fun to watch. And I always love rooting for the computer. They shouldn’t let the computer accept draws though!

Machine vs. Man: Checkmate (Steven Levy of Newsweek on

Still, Kasparov is preparing to throw himself into the breach once more. In November he will play his third computer opponent in a highly touted match. The first, of course, was IBM’s Deep Blue, which in 1997 beat him in a battle that he insists to this day was unfairly stacked against him. Then, earlier this year, he fought to an unsatisfying draw against Deep Junior, programmed by two Israelis. Next up will be X3d Fritz…

(via ChessWatch)


OK, I know I am not going to be able to resist this. There is a wall in the loft of the new place that I think would be perfect to turn into a television. But I probably really should wait until after closing to buy it and a mounting bracket for it (so I can hang it from the ceiling). I am resisting the temptation to hit the “buy” button now. At under a grand now, these things are looking much better than they did when they cost five times that much…

InFocus X1: Another Price/Performance Breakthrough (Evan Powell on

The simple economics of the situation will stimulate consumers who have never considered anything other than a television to think twice. Time was when projectors were for the rich, and the typical consumer had to stay with television. With the X1, the question will be “can you afford not to go front projection?”


Noticed yesterday that Randy registered for this site. Cool. Thanks Randy. Of course, I don’t think that actually achieves anything at this point. Originally I had it set up so you could only post comments if you were registered. But I turned that off after the second day. I think right now, the only thing you get if you register is the ability to see the other registered people.

I could make it so other registered people could actually add new entries (a “group blog”) but I don’t think I want to do that.

I suppose I could do something like email all the registered people whenever I do an update too. But I’m not sure about that whole thing.

I also discovered that with the free version of this software the mail features (like, send Sam an email whenever anyone leaves a comment) only work if you have an SMTP server running on the webserver, which I don’t right now. The Pro version lets you use an external SMTP server, and has a couple other interesting features. I may have to upgrade sometime.

Also though, while the old PowerMac G3 I’m running this on is fine for a static site, it is noticably slow with this dynamic site, and sometimes times out when I post new things. Kind of annoying. But when I get a new computer in January, I want to get another laptop, not a new desktop to use as a server!