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February 2004

Skittles and Cheese

The menagerie is now complete. I’ve had Nacho the budgie for years. I got Nala the anole for Christmas. In early January I got Zuri the ringneck.

But Nacho still needed a friend her own size. Last week when I was at a petstore getting crickets for Nala to eat, I was looking in the budgie cage, and saw one spunky little budgy pulling a sprig of millet across the floor, and fighting off all comers tug of war style to keep his millet. I almost got him right there, but was not quite ready. I remembered what he looked like, and decided that if he was still there next time I got to that petstore, he would be coming with me.

So, of course, today I was at the petstore with Brandy and Amy, and sure enough, that budgie was still there! He had a little yellow spot on the back of his head, and a pretty bright green tail, and was smaller than most of the rest, so he was pretty easy to recognize. But there was also a pretty blue guy there too this time.

So I got both.

The green one I had seen initially, is now named Cheese, because he looks very similar to Nacho (except younger and thinner) and so together they will be Nacho Cheese.

The blue one is now named Skittles, because on the way home in the car, he was skittering around in his box the whole way.

Cheese was one of the smaller budgies at the petstore. Skittles is almost a head smaller than cheese! He is a little guy! And they are both really babies. Skittles walked on my hand as soon as we got him out of his box back home though. He seems like a friendly little guy. And cheese is all feisty.

Anyway, this is *IT* for pets. Really!

Well, maybe a glofish or two later.

I know a lot of people have been asking for pictures. I’ll try to post some photos of the whole bunch before too much longer.

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