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September 2004

12052.9926 Days

While I was in the airport in Melbourne, waiting for my flight (which never left, but I’ll get to that later), I passed the milestone of 12052.9926 days since I was born. Woot Woot! Go me. It happened 15 Sep 2004 at 20:47:29 UTC. I was born at 16 Sep 1971 20:58:00 UTC. 12052.9926 days is of course 33 times 365.242199 days which is the approximate length of a year in days. Wow, that is a long time.

At the time it happened, I had no idea. I had meant to calculate the exact time it would happen in advance, but I didn’t get to it. Right as it happened (or a little after) they were telling us that our flight from Melbourne to Atlanta, after being delayed several times, had been cancelled completely due to mechanical problems with the plane. (Namely lack of pressure in a fire supression system for one of the engines… something they were not equipped to fix in Melbourne.) The next flight out of Melbourne would be too late for us to make connections in Atlanta for the New York area. So we scrambled for options for a bit, consulted with our management on what we should do, then we found a flight from Orlando to Laguardia that we might be able to make. Someone from work picked us up and drove us to Orlando… um… at a bit above the speed limit… we got to the gate about 6 minutes before boarding begain.

Anyway, in the hotel in Manhattan now. Right off Times Square. Need to be up in about 7 hours in order to get ready for the meetings we are here for. It is good that we made it. This is the second half of a series of meetings we cut short to run back home for Hurricane Frances. They would not have been happy again if we needed to reschedule again!

So, enough of that. 33 is fun so far. I’ll go to sleep now.

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