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September 2004

Gate 46

Business trip went well I think. We had a good time and got a lot done. We’re now at Newark airport for our flights home. So far the Newark to Atlanta is delayed about 15 minutes, but we should still be able to make our connection to Melbourne. So all is good. So far.

Had a good dinner with the other person from work for my birthday last night. ESPN Zone in Times Square. Sports is not my thing, but it was close and the food was fine. I got full. It was good.

But I’m glad to be heading home. Weill do the real birthday thing with Brandy and Amy tomorrow. That will be good. I guess we’ll also take down the plywood on the windows tomorrow. When I left nobody in the neighborhood had taken theirs down yet due to Ivan. And Jeanne. But looks like we’ll be fine on those, so probably time to take them down.

Then again Jeanne is turning. It shouldn’t be a big deal for us unless it turns a lot more though. But maybe if the neighbors are leaving theirs up a little while longer, we’ll wait a couple more days too. :-)

On the other hand, it is too dark in there! :-)

3 comments to Gate 46

  • NM126

    People aren’t taking any chances ’cause after Jeanne…

    I vote for making the wood a permanent fixture.

  • Abulsme

    NHS posted their 21:00 UTC update a few minutes after I posted. They now have Jeanne stalling out over the Atlantic in a few days. That will be good. Karl is heading north toward nowhere too. We’ll see after that. :-)

  • NM127

    She’s just taking a break to pick up more steam before she nails us. I am SO not taking those boards down.

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