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September 2004

Here We Go Again

OK, no longer just in the bubble, but now near the expected track. Here are the Wunderground Jeanne Computer Models. And here is the NHS Danger Bubble.

OK, enough already! So far here in Melbourne we got a glancing shot off Charlie, Frances hammered the area and we got remnants of Ivan after it made a big loop over the Southeast before going over us back into the gulf to be a Tropical Storm again.

Well anyway, wood is still up. We’ll leave it up until Jeanne is gone. Then it probably will be time to take it down. If this stays a Cat 2, we’ll be staying put behind the boarded windows. If it goes Cat 3 or above and is still aimed at us we might think about going away. Or not. We’ll see.

3 comments to Here We Go Again

  • NM131

    That’s one moist armpit!

  • Abulsme

    The moisture just enhances the odiferous qualities of the armpit! Actually, it is a lovely armpit!

  • NM132

    IN reality of course, any chance of actually evacuating and making it out of the bubble fades as time goes on. With the closure of 10 due to the missing chunks courtesy of Ivan, leaving Saturday (when they plan to start with evacuations) may leave thousands on the roads when conditions become dangerous. There aren’t that may ways in or out of here…it’s kind of like being in the middle of nowhere only there’s stuff. I have no intention of siting on 95 in gridlock as a cat 3 or even 2 storm comes hurtling by. And since shelters aren’t an option in our case, there’s nothing to do but huddle up and hope that we don’t wake up in Oz. There is something just not right about that Dorothy chick.

    Oh, and assuming there is still a house to have them tacked to, and windows to protect, the wood stays up until Christmas. At least.

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