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November 2004

House News: Progress at Last!

Got this from our agent a few hours ago:

The listing realtor will have the extension signed by the sellers. She has told me that the roof is scheduled for the end of the month. Hopefully, it will get done on time so the other repairs can also get done. There is nothing we can do at this time but wait and see. I will keep you informed as progress is made.

For those of you following along, after the sellers had told us they would not be able to make repairs in time for the closing that had been scheduled, we agreed to give them more time after we got our mortgage rate lock extended. But they still had no actual date scheduled for the repairs to start. Now they do!

So soon all of the wreckage resulting from two direct hits by hurricanes will be gone and the place will be back to the state we originally saw it in!

At one point in this process, I put the odds of this thing working out at like 25%. That was when they still had no date for the repairs, they told us they would not be able to meet the deadline, and we didn’t yet know if we could get the rate lock extended. Now, with a rate lock going through late January, and them startiung repairs in a couple weeks… I’d say it looks pretty good again.

There are still a few things that have to fall into place to make this happen. So it isn’t 100% yet. But much higher. I dunno. Maybe 80%? So here’s crossing fingers that they do the repairs quickly, but with quality and that all the money stuff on my side falls into place in time, and everything else goes smoothly!

And then, if all goes well, we can enjoy being house poor for awhile… cause with the additional monthly cost, plus moving expenses, plus new things we’ll need for the house… we’ll be scraping by for at least some transitional time. So a bunch of those “optional expenses” like new gadgets and such will have to wait at least six months, maybe more. And we’ll have to cut back a little bit on our usual spending too. Hopefully not for VERY long, but for at least awhile while we transition and adjust…

Very exciting. But stressful too!

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