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November 2004

Ibengdo Athar Orwamro

My good friend Rebecca just announced to the world what the name of her and Chris’s baby would be. You can see the full post here. This is after Rebecca and Chris went through a lengthy process for deciding on a name. No, it isn’t Ibengdo, although that is what it would be in the same way that my name (Samuel) turns into Abulsme. Perhaps I will call him Ibengdo. But that is not it. See her post for the real name.

I’ll be honest, my first reaction was much the same as the one Rebecca got at her shower. Yes, I think the only thing that will save the youngster from getting beaten at school over his name is the fact that he will be six feet tall by the time he is seven years old. :-)

However, as I started to think about it, I remembered the many emails Rebecca had sent me talking about how “proper” children should behave. You know… Being quiet and well mannered at restaurants. Not running around and making noise at grocery stores. Not having to be told more than once to do something. Not talking back to their parents. You know, that sort of thing. And then, when I pictured in my head a kid that behaves that way all the time, yes, yes… I could see that name. It fits perfectly! :-)

In any case, I am looking forward to meeting the young man in a few months. Congrats Reb and Chris on the name choice. Sorry I couldn’t make either of the two baby showers. I sent something along, you should have it in a few days. Hope Ibengdo likes it!

6 comments to Ibengdo Athar Orwamro

  • NM212

    I guess I don’t understand why people find that to be an odd name. It’s in the bible, there are television personalities with the name, etc. I didn’t make it up. I don’t think it sounds funny and its easily pronounceable. I agree it’s not common, that’s one of its selling points as far as I’m concerned.

    The people who seemed most appalled by it were the churchies — for folks who spend all that time talking about the good book, they don’t seem to have read much of it.

  • Abulsme

    Odd: “Deviating from what is ordinary, usual, or expected” (American Heritage Dictionary, Definition #1)

    Odd: “Different from what is usual or common” (Webster’s Unabridged, Definition #5)

    One should not be surpised that people think it is odd, since you specifically looked for something that was not usual or common, and that is kind of what odd means… at least one of the things odd means.

    (Both definitions quoted from the listing on

    And of course it isn’t just FROM the bible, it IS the bible that you always find in hotels…

    But I’m sure little Gideon will love it. :-)

  • NM213

    And he was most likely conceived in a hotel (with wireless access!)

  • matt

    I don’t think it’s an odd name at all. What I do think is odd is your belief that “proper” children behave the way Sam stated. Let’s see how you feel about this when your kid wants a bottle and wants everyone at the grocery store to know that it’s bottle time.

  • Abulsme

    It will be interesting to talk to Rebecca in a year or two and see if her views have changed at all. They may not. But they might. :-)

  • Abulsme

    Right around 4 months now… are the reactions of people to the name any different now that there is an actual face attached?

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