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January 2005
3031 Down

[Posted retroactively once the site was back. Originally emailed to family and friends. This post is timestamped with the email timestamp.]

Looks like the hard drive on my 7+ year old server that I have been running is dying. I can now only get it to boot 50% of the time, then it usually only manages to stay up before crashing for a few minutes. Well, I’m thinking it is the hard drive, but some of the symptoms and how exactly it stops are a bit odd sometimes, so who knows.

Anyway, I think I have backups of all the really important stuff (the blog and the website itself) so I won’t lose anything long term except maybe some log files. But the site is down right now and it may take me a bit to get it back in working condition. Right now I’m trying to get one of my external drives set up as a boot drive for the server. But the system disks for the old version of the system that server needs are still in transit somewhere, so I am trying to do it by cloning the old drive, but I can only get a few minutes into that before a crash and reboot… but we shall see. Worst case I have to take my backups of just the site itself and just set the whole thing up in a new location. (Chris says he may be able to host if I can’t get
anything going down here.)

Anyway, details don’t matter I guess. Just wanted to let the vast audience of know that the site is down right now, but I’m working on it. (Although I have to go to work shortly… drat!) I hope to be back up soon. Gulp! Crossing my fingers!

Urgh this kind of thing stresses me out!