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January 2005


Catching up on email here at work while having C-Span on in the background. Wasn’t going to make any more comments for the moment, but…

They showed what looked like an ANSWER related protester group chanting over and over again:

Hey Bush, we know you… your daddy was a killer too!
Hey Bush, we know you… your daddy was a killer too!
Hey Bush, we know you… your daddy was a killer too!
Hey Bush, we know you… your daddy was a killer too!
Hey Bush, we know you… your daddy was a killer too!

OK, just a message to these type of guys. It is folks like you that caused the re-election of W. (Or at least helped it.)

You have every right to protest. You have every right to protest in rude and distasteful ways. I think it is wrong that they have been doing this “designated free speech zones” thing to restrict protesters to certain areas. But what you are doing with such hateful chants is counter-productive, and only makes YOU look bad, not W or the Republicans.

There are many ways to show your displeasure with the choices W made, your dissapointment with the election results, and probably even your lack of respect for the man. But there are ways that are civil and constructive, and there are ways that do nothing but make you look like radical baffoons. If you actually have any desire to “win hearts and minds” and get more people to move closer to your viewpoints, rather than just getting yourselves on TV and making fools of yourselves, you might try some other tactics.

Ad hominim attacks, not just on the man, but on his father (who I at least think was a much better president) just seems desperate and petty and will turn away more people than they convince. As it is you are chanting only to those who already agree with you. What signs or chants should you have used instead? I don’t know, I’m not a chant writer. But surely you could have come up with something that makes you look better than that.

Maybe the folks at the “Counter-Inaugural” did better and had some rational speeches and expressed their discontent in productive and convincing ways. I don’t know, I didn’t watch it. Perhaps I will watch some of it off C-Span’s website later. I hope it was. Cause the folks that C-Span showed just then during the motorcade were just sad. Of course, the folks who usually make TV are usually the most outrageous ones. The protesters who are indeed reasonable rarely get covered. Which is of course part of the reason people are outrageous. It does get them on TV. But it does not help their cause.

Three Out Of Four

imageThe picture is the metro ticket from Inauguration Day 1993. I have the metro tickets from inauguration days 1997 and 2001 as well, but they are in a box somewhere and I apperantly never scanned them. I hope I can find them as I unpack.

Anyway, this is the first Inauguration I have missed since I have been able to vote. And well, since I missed one I doubt I will try again in 4 years, or 8, or whatnot. That tradition is done. I am kind of sad about it. It was a fun thing to do for a news junkie. Doesn’t matter who won or lost or anything like that, it was just good to be a witness, in person, to those historical moments.

Having said that, I of course had a better and much more comfortable view and could hear better sitting in my family room watching it projected on the wall than I ever would have had at the event itself. I watched on C-Span so as to get just the events themselves, not people endlessly talking and commenting on them. It was fun to watch the people come out and see how many I could recognize and to watch the interactions between them.


Renquist managed, but definately did not look good. Did anyone else hear the mechanical rasping as he spoke? Kudos to him to coming out and doing it anyway. I know he is trying to finish out at least this Supreme Court term, but looks like W is definatly going to get to appoint a Chief Justice.

Bush’s speech did its thing I guess, but was not really memorable in any way. It has only been about an hour, and I already forgot everything he said.

Anyway, I can’t think of many things I think W did right in his first term, but I wish him luck on the second. Regardless of if he was my choice or if I agree with him, lots of things are in his hands for the next four years. May he make better choices than he did last time.

Oh well. I have to get back to work now. I had more fun medical related tests to follow up from those kidney stones this morning, and I extended that by a little to watch the inauguration, but I’ve been gone long enough.