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January 2005

Mom Visit


This weekend my mom is visiting. There she is above with Amy. She arrived Friday night, will leave early Monday morning. Short visit, but got to see the new place. We showed her around a bit yesterday. Old house. New house. The general area. She is insisting on helping with moving and cleaning and such. But we are trying to do some fun things too. In a few minutes we’re going to leave to go on a beach run. We might try to fit in the zoo too, but depending how long we stay at the beach, there may not be time.

It is her first visit down here. A little different than than PA!

Anyway, off to do the beach thing…

Darkflash: Home

This is the LAST in a series of posts with items that would have been posted on my blog if I had had a blog during the months I did not have a blog. This was originally sent to friends and family on September 9, 2004 04:09:57 UTC.

Well, got home a few hours ago. Long trip. Long week. Very tired. The general area is somewhat a mess. Lots of signs down, trees down, electricity is sporadic block to block. The big palm tree in front of the house we are in fell down right across the driveway. One of the last things we did before we left was make room in the garage for Brandy’s second car. If we hadn’t, the tree would have whacked the car right in the middle. There was some random debris otherwise, and the number “2” from the “1270” on the house fell down. But otherwise the house was fine. And we had electric. In talking to one of Amy’s friends who stayed the whole time, the block only lost power for half an hour or less. Good.

Meanwhile, the place we have the offer in on didn’t fare quite as well. The enclosure around the pool area collapsed and is now in the pool, and there appears to have been at least some roof damage too causing some water damage on the living room ceiling. And some minor damage to some of the exterior trim. And like everywhere, some broken trees and bushes. Looks like our options are: walk away, delay closing until they fix everything, do some sort of deal with the insurance money being credited to us. Right now we are leaning toward #2. But we will be looking in more detail at the options tomorrow.

Anyway, things look pretty good. Now it is just time to undo the plywood and get the place back cleaned up and in normal condition and get back to the routine life… oh… maybe not…


Of course, in the end, Ivan did not hit us, but Jeanne did. But all that was already posted about on this blog…

New Graph: % Body Fat!

Drum Roll… yet another new graph is being introduced. Woo! As with the other in the Graphs section of my website, this will be updated periodically.

Sam’s Body Fat History

Since I first got a scale that measures body fat as well as weight, I have kept track of that as well as weight. Off and on.  Not all the time.  And a bunch of the data hasn’t yet been entered here.  I will slowly get all the historical readings back into the charts here.

For a male my age the “healthy” range for % Body Fat is 8% to 20%.  Overfat is 20% to 25%.  Above 25% is considered Obese.  Oops.  As you can see, I’ve been in the bad categories.  I am working my way back down.