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February 2005

Always a Fever

In about 20 minutes I am leaving for the airport. Two day business trip to Manhattan. At the moment I have a fever that is bouncing around a little, but is averaging 102. I should probnably make a graph. It started suddenly a few hours ago. I think it is once related to kidney stones… according to the ultrasounds last month I still have 2 or 3 floating around up there causing trouble. Based on other symptoms that started at the exact same time, I think that is the most likely explaination, but it could be something else. Dunno. But it seems like the last several times I’ve headed to NYC, I’ve always had SOMETHING wrong. It sucks.

I have taken appropriate medications. Hopefully that will break the fever in the next few hours and I won’t be walking dead when I get to the client tomorrow morning. But I certainly am now. Even driving to the airport and getting on my plane will be a chore. I plan to be unconcious as soon as I am seated and the plane takes off.

5 comments to Always a Fever

  • fellacoh

    Drink heavily on the plane, Alcohol will make the bad buggies go away!

  • Abulsme

    It was down to 100.0 when I got to my gate. After a sandwich and a drink (iced tea, not long island) down to 99.5. We’ll be boarding in a few minutes. Then I will nap.

  • Brandy

    Use it to make the client feel guilty!

  • Abulsme

    98.8 by morning! Woo! Still feel a bit dizzy and have a headache though, but it will do. I’m at a Starbucks downstairs from where I am going now. Guess I’ll grab a white chocolate mocha and head upstairs…

  • Brandy

    You should take advantage of any breaks you get by grabbing some ibuprofin or acetominophen if you still have a headache. Take the max dose recommended.

    You are always dizzy. It’s part of your charm.

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