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February 2005

Gideon Arrived

I should have posted right after I got the phone call from Chris a day and a half or so ago, but I didn’t. I think I went to sleep instead. I also should have asked insightful freindly questions about how it went and how everybody felt and if he was cute and all that. But I didn’t. I was just kinda like “Uh, OK, Congratulations.” But that didn’t mean I wasn’t excited, it just meant I was toungetied and unsure of the right thing to say at that moment. I felt like such a dork. I *am* such a dork! After I got off the phone I was all excited and thought of things to say.

So, Erica added a comment to the last post on Rebecca’s Blog on Wednesday evening that officially said it, so I’ll quote here:

Yep, Yep, Yep

Gideon Hart Morrow was born at 5:35 p.m. 8.2 lbs and 21.5 inches. Reb, baby, and Chris are all doing fine!

Congratulations Rebecca and Chris. Welcome to parenthood. I know nothing about the baby years, but I know what having a 9 year old is like. So, enjoy! :-) Can’t wait to see all of you again and meet Gideon in person. Don’t know when it will be possible, but hopefully before too long!

3 comments to Gideon Arrived

  • fellacoh

    Everyone is indeed fine. There are pictures available, I believe Reb even posted some into her blog…

    I have this one thing to say: Childbirth, the act of it, is very, very strange… Things you never, ever thought possible suddenly are. I’m not sure I’ve quite processed all the info, nor the fact that now I’m a father, but it has been interesting so far.

  • Abulsme

    You emailed the link to the pictures, but as far as I can see Rebecca hasn’t posted anything to her blog yet since before you left for the hospital. I haven’t linked to the pictures you sent. I figure that is for you or Rebecca to do. :-)

    As for the processing and the interesting… tell us more! :-)

  • Abulsme

    Of course, shortly after I poisted that Rebecca did post pictures.

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