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May 2005

DVD: Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace

imageWhat can I say. This is the same suckfest as it was when it came out in the theaters. You’d think with all the reworking of the original movies Lucas did, he might be able to fix up this a bit. You know, take out the sucky parts that add absolutely nothing to the story and leave you groaning and hoping it is over soon? Of course, if you did that with this movie, you’d be left with half an hour or so. OK, MAYBE 45 minutes if you are generous. Basically the whole part of the movie before they get to coursocant (a little over an hour) could easily have been boiled down to 15 minutes. I mean, how long is that stupid pod race? I should know, I kept looking at my wrist to see what time it was. (But I don’t know because I was frustrated by the fact I haven’t worn a watch in almost 20 years, so there was no time to see on my wrist.) Then the parts after that could have been perhaps expanded a bit. More of the Jedi temple. More Darth Maul. Speaking of which, they really shouldn’t have ended him the way they did. He had potential to be interesting if expanded upon.

Anyway, as everybody knows, Episode I was a complete screw up and dissapointment to anybody over 10 who watched it. But Lucas stated he was aiming at kids and not the fans of the original trilogy. And still made huge wads of cash, so hey, it worked for him. But it sucked.

So anyway, I had gotten home with Amy a little earlier than usual, with the intention of immediately starting Episode I so I could watch both last night. But then by the time I got home, Brandy was just leaving work (a little later than usual) so although we could have started without her, we waited for her to get home and then get dinner ready before starting. So we didn’t get done with it until late. Amy fell asleep about 3/4 of the way through. (Right about at her bedtime.) After it ended, Brandy fell asleep right away. I started Episode II, but only got about 30 minutes into it before I was too sleepy to continue.

We have tickets for III for 8 PM tonight. So I’ll probably try to finish II at lunch and then right after work or some such. Looks like there may not be time for Clone Wars before the movie. Oh well!

I’m sorry that Amy and Brandy were not able to watch all of all five before we see the new one, but hey, they kept falling asleep! :-)