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May 2005

Book: The Guide to Owning Skinks

imageAuthor: Jerry G. Walls
Started: 9 Apr 2005
Finished: 15 May 2005
9 p/d

A book about Skinks that had been on the to read pile ever since we got Mike. Even though it got accellerated higher in the pile because it was a “need to read soon” thing, I still didn’t get to it now. Basically this was a guide to all kinds of skinks, not just the blue-tounged kind like Mike. Where they come from, how to take care of them, etc. Lots and lots of pictures of different kinds of skinks. Nice glossy pictures. Lots of them are very pretty. Some are just interesting. None as cool looking as Mike though. Of course.

It had a bunch of interesting stuff, but in terms of Mike, only a very small portion of the book really pertained directly. Some of the general info did, but turns out there are big differences in how to care for different kinds of skinks. So a book more specific to blue-tounge skinks would probably be better. Luckily enough, there is one of those by the same author, and it is only a couple books down on the book pile…

Finger Lizardin’ Good!

imageA little while ago while I was on the way home from work, Brandy was cleaning the pool and suddenly saw a little lizard swimming as hard as it good and struggling but failing to get out of the water. She scooped it up with the pool net, and then was trying to release it, but it wouldn’t get out of the scooper. So she grabbed it… but then it would not let go! It was all about hanging on to Brandy after she saved it.

It held on for Brandy for about an hour and a half, until I got home, got a small terrarium set up, and we finally coaxed it (OK, pushed it) off Brandy’s hand into the case. It was pretty much in shock over almost drowning and using so much energy to try to escape, not to mention the cooling effect of the water. It so much wanted to just hang on. It was very small (just a baby) and vary cute. It was scared of me, but couldn’t get enough of Brandy. It just sat there on her hand. Let us pet it and everything. And would not get off no matter what.

Once we did finally have it in the terrarium with some food, water and some plants, it slowly got back to normal. A few hours later it was a bit more active and at first ran from Brandy, but once Brandy had it, it once again was reluctant to let go. She did manage to eventually get it to hop off onto a plant right outside our house though, and then it was on its way, returned to the wild after being saved and nursed back to health. Woo!

(I’d of course wanted to keep it, but Brandy said we should release it, and of course she was right…)