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May 2005

Scared Puppy

Last night there were thunder storms in our part of Florida. The kind with the big long rumbly thunder that seems to last minutes. And then more start. Princely was scared. Very scared. He does not like thunderstorms.

He had woken me up sometime int he middle of the night to let me know that he HAD to got out. Right then. So I let him out onto the tieout we have in the back. A little while later, when he called to be let in, after I let him off his tie, he SHOT back into the house, and immediately into the bedroom. He is not normally allowed into the bedroom due to my allergies… although unfortunately I have been becoming lax lately, and he no longer recognizes that he is not allowed there. He has snuck in too many times without being told he has to leave.

Anyway, it wasn’t really raining yet, but the thunder was starting up. I got back into bed. Princely paced for a few minutes and was sort of whining and whimpering. He was scared. Then, without even asking like he sometimes does, he jumped up onto the bed (not always easy for an old dog like him) and wiggled his way between Brandy and myself and buried his face in the pillow between us. He was all shaky and scared.

So, of course, we let him stay. There was just no saying no to a poor little 100+ pound scared puppy who was desperately looking for his parents to keep him safe. Nope. No saying no.

Several times over the course of the night when there was a particularly loud round of thunder, he would suddenly sit up and look around and look very worried. Then he would snuggle back down between us looking for protection.

By morning, the thunder had subsided, and Princely was all sleeping luxourously between us. As he twisted and turned to be comfortable though, Brandy got the “wrong end of the dog”. She didn’t seem to thrilled by that, but hey, at least it wans’t me. :-)

I think he did this once before during a particularly bad thunderstorm. He always prefers being near us when we sleep at night. But only during the really big thunderstorms does he insist on being not just near us, but WITH us.

He is cute, but for such a big dog, he sure is a scardy dog! :-)

Meanwhile, unbenounced to us until morning, Amy had also had the same idea. We found her in the morning not in her bed, but on the couch outside our bedroom, having moved sometime during the night to be closer to us. Luckily, she did not also try to climb into bed. Cause while three can fit (barely). Four can not. :-)

Of course, due to sleeping with the dog, I am all congested and blurry eyed and a little wheezy today. So hopefully we’ll be able to keep the thunderstorms for the daytime for the next few weeks at least, cause I like being able to breathe in the mornings.

Book: Wicked

imageAuthor: Gregory Maguire
Started: 15 May 2005
Finished: 30 May 2005
409 p / 16 d
26 p/d

I saw the musical of this a little over a year ago. It was great fun. Went with Brandy and Amy. Soon after I saw there was a book. I think I got copies as presents for a couple of people at one point or another. I knew that the book was darker and more political than the play, which while it had a few serious undertones if you looked for them, was basically a fun and lighthearted romp. One of the people I gave the book too was my teenage sister. I figured she’d like the political and animal rights bits… Oops, make that Animal rights. In any case, as I read the book the one thing I had NOT realized was different about the book was the sex. Yup, it has a bunch of sex. Including with Animals. And I gave it to my 14 year old (at the time) sister. Oops. She read it long before I did and sent an email saying it was “interesting”. :-)

Well, odd sexual bits aside, it definately was interesting. I like the whole idea of looking at a story from the side of one of the supporting characters. It is just a concept that gets my attention. First time I remember coming across that sort of thing was Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. We read the play in high school. I think I saw the actual play once. Never saw the movie I just linked to. Anyway, it got my attention right away. I don’t remember much of it, but I remember the concept.

It worked well with Bean in the second set of Ender books written from Bean’s perspective. (I haven’t read all of those yet though.)

Anyway, I like the concept. In this case, tell the life story of the Wicked Witch of the West. Who is she really? Why is she how she is? What leads up to the events we all know in the Wizard of Oz. I liked a lot of the excecution. It is much darker than the play, and I think in some ways TOO dark and serious and political. I like it darker and more serious, but at times I think it went a little too far than needed to make the point. I do like how it is all put together though, and was facinated by the investigation into the backstory.

The ending is of course COMPLETLY different from the play. The play’s ending was a little cheesy, but the book just hammers the negativity down and down and down… the witch just fails at everything utterly, and it ends as it did in the original Oz. Very tragic, very sad. Poor witch. I’m OK with the unhappy ending itself, but what drives me nuts is the number of loose ends left open. Question after question after questions are raised, but then they are all left open and unresolved.

Of course, I guess that is part of the point. Still frustrating though.

I did like it though. The author has apperantly done a couple more of these. One on Cinderella and one on Snow White. I am tempted, but not sure I’ll be jumping right on reading those. Maybe. I’ll think about it a bit.

I do recommend reading Wicked. But if given a choice between the book and the musical, in this case I’d pick the musical. (Although it is a shame that Kristin Chenowith has moved on to bigger and better things. She was an increadible Galinda!)