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June 2005

Angry Saturn

About half an hour ago, I was in my office happily working on a document for work. Suddenly, I head something like a car alarm. Right outside. After about a minute, I decided to go investigate. It was not a car alarm. It was the horn of MY car. My car does not have an alarm. The horn was on like someone was leaning on it. Nobody was.

So I tried turning on the car. No change. I tried honking the car. No change.

I started running around trying to find the fusebox to pull a fuse. Nothing was labeled. I tried to find the wire going into the horn to see if it was easy to pull out. It was not.

The car kept screaming out in anger for about 20 minutes. Slowly decreasing in volume.

Just as I had AAA on the phone to send a truck out to make my damn horn shut up, it stopped.

The horn now does not work at all.

The rest of the car still seems to be working fine though. Well, at least as fine as it was yesterday. It is an old car and shows it these days.

Poor Saturn.

Hoo Ray for the Frogs!

I am working from home today because Amy was sick. I was just on a conference call and while on it was walking around the pool. Look down, and what do I see… hundreds and hundreds of tadpoles again!!!

On the one hand, I guess we really do have to get better at checking the chlorine level more often (and perhaps we need a new cholorinator), but on the other hand, maybe I can make up for my earlier mass murder of the frogs with the hose!

Amy and I spent a few minutes saving tadpoles and putting them into that same tank I was using last time. Then it started pouring rain, so we stopped.

I think Brandy is going to buy us a new tank on her way home from work, with lots more room for more tadpoles.

Uh, and then she’s going to pour chlorine in the pool and kill all the ones Amy and I don’t manage to get into the tank.

I was going to suggest just leaving the pool de-chlorined until all the tadpoles turn into frogs, but I don’t think she would like that idea. Especially since that cycle would probably just continue forever, cause there would always be new tadpoles.

Anyway, updates as they are warented on the new generations of tadpoles!

(I suppose we could also chase away the mating frogs when we see them, but they are there by the pool all night every night doing their thing. And they ain’t quiet about it either! Once the screen is up next month, the frogs won’t be able to get to the pool…)