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June 2005

Otherwise Occupied

Wow! I have been checking the link to Greg Haverkamp’s site every couple of days for it seems like forever. He hadn’t updated it in a long long time though, so I didn’t check every day any more. Only those times when I had the time to actually check ALL of the sites on the left hand side of my homepage. Anyway, today I check, and Greg has gone and bloggified his site! Maybe I’ll have to check more often! It is now called Otherwise Occupied.

Here is a sample:

I know how she felt. Sort of.

I can’t claim to have been hopped up during finals, other than on cold medicine (which I do not recommend as a study aid.) However, I did find myself excessively annoyed by a guy who, while I was trying to get some reading done in some of the easy chairs, plopped his crap down and pulled a pastry out of his bag.

Of course, at least the top part of my blogroll is defined by who sends me the most email. I am sticll counting October 2004 email, so that hasn’t been updated in awhile though. I suspect that when it does get updated, Greg will fall off that list. If he is good enough though, I may put him in that second list. We shall see!