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December 2005

Goodbye Nala

Sometime Sunday night, Nala died after several months of illness. He’d been getting progressively thinner, less active, and more dried out. We were able to slow things down and give him a little bit longer by changing the kind of light he had and doing a lot more misting and a lot of extra hydration. It helped some, but not enough. Poor guy. He was with us a decent length of time for an anole though, especially since we have no way of knowing how old he was when we got him. He was a present from Amy to me two Christmases ago. He’s followed me through three houses! A lot of the symptoms looked like they may very well have just been old age.

He just got thinner and thinner and ate less and less and slowed down more and more. Over the last two months we came home at least three or four times and thought he was no longer with us, but then when we reached in to check he would look at us and blink, and decide that he wasn’t quite gone yet. This time it was clear over the weekend that he was in his last hours. But he still managed to go from one side of the terrarium near the water dish over to the other side and up into his favorite fake plant.

He died in his favorite fake plastic plant that night and I buried him, along with the plant, in the back yard.

He was a cute little guy.

Goodbye Nala.