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December 2005

Goodbye Haunted Hunted Happy Thing


This face has greeted me on the way to my desk for 21 months. It will only do so for a couple more weeks. Thursday I officially submitted my resignation from the place where I have been working since before I moved to Florida. The place for which I moved to Florida. The place which never lived up to expectations, but at which the first year was still OK. The place where most of the second year was a steady decent into a worse and worse place, punctuated by only occational moments of satisfaction.

I will resist the very strong temptation to go into extreme detail on all the reasons why this engagement has not worked out for me and the difficulties I have had with this company. Suffice it to say that, at least in my perception (I am sure they would describe it differently) there was never any serious attempt to use me in the way which matched the job description I signed on for (in fact the company was simply not in a position where it could effectively utilize such a role), and instead as time progressed I was given tasks further and further away from my core skills and interests, to the point that in the last few months it was made clear that my function was to be primarily SALES, that I would be “graded” only on new revenue generated for the firm and that part of my salary would be converted to being based on commission. Needless to say, I had absolutely no interest in any of this. Add this to a series of of other things I won’t go into in public, and it was absolutely clear that a change was needed.

I started looking in a non-serious sort of way all the way back in April. Brandy thought I should have been serious about it way back then, and she was right. But I wanted to give it another shot, and a few changes going on at work gave me some false hope. But by September, it was no longer possible for even I to deny that the situation was hopeless. I began searching seriously. It quickly became apperant that local options were not viable. The most serious inquiry I had was an unsolicited inquiry from out of state. I hadn’t been looking outside the Florida area, I wanted somewhere I could commute to from our current home, but they called me. After some discussion, I decided to not exclude the option and I went through the whole process with them. Once I interviewed in person with them, I decided I might as well look nationwide at other companies as well. I started sending out resumes to places I had not considered previously.

By the last couple of weeks I had two good offers from two major companies. I turned one down, I said yes to the other, and I resigned from my current position.

It is about time. Some of my coworkers are great. I truly will miss working with them. But for the most part I have been unhappy there for around 9 months, doing what I needed to do, but getting no joy out of it. I am very glad to be moving on. The new position has me very excited.

More about “what is next” in a later post. Not sure when I’ll get to it, but soon.

DVD: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 2nd Season: Disk 1

imageI started this DVD like 8 times. Then I’d forget where I was and start over. So I think I’ve seen “When She Was Bad” the first episode on this disk just way too many times. Actually, I think that is true of all four on this disk. That would be “When She Was Bad”, “Some Assembly Required”, “School Hard” and “Inca Mummy Girl”.

The latest time through was when I was making some recent plane flights back and forth to Seattle a few weeks back. I started out watching another DVD I had with me… The Last Temptation of Christ… which was on my NetFlix list because many years ago somebody once mentioned that I should see it. So I started watching it. Just a few minutes in they are nailing some guy to a cross. (Not the main character, that comes later I guess.) And it is all bloody and violent and stuff. At that point I realized there were two under 10 types in the seats next to me looking over and wondering what I was watching. So I stopped and put in Buffy.

Over the course of a couple of flights I finished off the disk. School Hard is one of those episodes that survives multiple reviewings. What with the Spike and all. When She Was Bad is OK too. Inca Mummy Girl starts wearing thin after being watched a few times. And I dreaded watching Some Assembly Required for the umpteenth time. But I did, because I had to watcht he whole disk in order, and remember I had done so for it to count!

And so I did.