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December 2005

And Then It Was Done

So, I gave my notice Thursday. Three weeks worth, although the last few days of it were scheduled to be vacation anyway. Friday they let me know that they would prefer I be done and just leave.

And so I did.

So I am done. I have to still submit my last expense report from my last trip, return my company laptop, that sort of thing. That will be taken care of very soon. But I am done with the work thing, and now I have essentially three weeks of vacation prior to starting the next job.

I am expecting of course to still be paid for that time since I gave the notice and have not been told otherwise. But given history, I am arranging my plans in such a way that I am not counting on it. The time between now and my first paycheck in the new place will be potentially very tight. And I’m saying that in the context of the entire last year having been very tight. But I think we can swing it one way or another.

Having said that, the extra unexpected free time is very very welcome. There are a lot of things around home and around my computer that I am very very far behind on because of how schedules have been this last year. Maybe I’ll be able to catch up on some of that.

Amy will be home from school too of course. So maybe we’ll finish that game of chess we started several months ago or something.