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December 2005

DVD: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 2nd Season: Disk 2

imageHaving finished off Disk 1 on a plane, I started Disk 2. It took a couple plane flights to finish off the whole disk. But it was worth it.

You see, for some reason I had in my head that I’d seen every Buffy episode, or at least almost every Buffy episode. But as I worked my way through this disk, I found that I apperantly had a significant hole in my Buffy watching. There were four episodes on this disk, and I could not remember having seen ANY of them!!!

Reptile Boy: Buffy goes to a frat party with a big snake. Not super exciting, but a few good lines, and I was just happy because I hadn’t seen it before!

Halloween: Everybody turns into their costomes. This was a lot of fun. And finially I know where Xander gets the soldier stuff from! And a hint of Gile’s dark side!

Lie to Me: They get better and better. Theres a whole cult of vampire wannabes. One of them a friend of Buffy’s. And there are lies.

The Dark Age: Giles’s past. The kind of stuff I love. Backstory kinds of things.

All in all, these four episodes got better and better as far as I was concerned, and I had never seen any of them! That was a very pleasant surprise!