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May 2006


I set up a personal wiki for myself a little while ago. Over a month ago at any rate. At work I had been using one on a daily basis to document projects and also just to keep a personal to do list organized. So I decided I wanted one at home too.

From the begining there was nothing to stop random people from playing with it if they found out the URL from somewhere (and there were a number of ways to discover it). But I was going back and forth on if I should lock it down so that only “authorized people” could see it, or just open it up and link to it from here.

As you can see, I ended up deciding to go ahead and link to it.

Not that there is all that much on it that anybody other than me would care about. For the most part it is an online to do list to remind me to do things. And yup, there is indeed a sort of grocery list on it at the moment too. All that sort of thing. But I’m also using it as a scratchpad for notes on various projects I want to do. Most of which, again, will be of zero interest to anybody but me. But hey, if I link to it and let Googlebot and the like spider it, then who knows, something might end up someday bieng of interest to someone… unlikely, but hey, you never know.

It is an open Wiki, so if anybody reading this wants to, feel free to dive in and contribute anything you may want. Add information to any of my projects that you think might be useful, or just add things to my to do list or grocery list if you feel like it. Whatever. Of course, things that are actually constructive would be prefered to adding “Please Bathe, you stink” to the to do list or some such. But since it is open, I really don’t have all that much control over that.

At the moment I require registration, but anybody can register and start editing and such instantly. If that ends up being abused, I’ll probably have to shut that off or restrict it in various ways. But for the moment, I’ll give it a shot and leave it open. (Aside from registration.)

The links are on the left nav of the Home Page now and will stay there indefinately unless I decide to pull it at some point.

Or of course, here it is in this post:


3 comments to AbulWiki

  • gregh

    I’m not sure why “Please bathe, you stink” wouldn’t be constructive. Sure, it likely wouldn’t be constructive coming from me; the iSmell never happened, and I therefore have no idea what you smell like these days. However, say your officemate posts it. Might that not be constructive?

  • Abulsme

    For the record, it took Googlebot about 9 hours from the moment I put the link on my site until it had spidered the first page on AbulWiki.

  • Abulsme

    I suppose it might indeed be constructive. So far nobody has added that to my to do list. I have however bathed anyway.

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