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September 2006

12783.477 Days

I missed it when it happened. I think I was asleep, but I hadn’t done the calculation yet of exactly when it is anyway. And I always forget that it is usually a day earlier than expected because of the crazy leap year business, but at 08:24:53 UTC this morning (1:24 AM Pacific, 4:24 AM Eastern) I was exactly 35 years old. Woo. Go me.

Paying attention to the calendar date instead of how many 365.242… day years have happened since the exact time I was born, the anniversary date is actually tomorrow. But never the less, the actual moment has already passed by some 12 and a fraction hours ago. Yes, I am old.

I think I’ll celebrate by going to get a soda from the vending machine now.

Oh, one other note. Exactly one year ago was the day I got my first “modified” paycheck from my then employer cutting my salary by some 22%… in theory making it up with imaginary “commission” for sales I was to help generate. They had told me they wanted to do that, but had never told me a date when that would start or confirmed the exact terms or put anything at all in writing. I found out when I looked at my paystub. Thank you very much for the lovely birthday present. And of course this was after already not having delivered on much of what they had promised me monitarily (and otherwise).

Thank goodness I am at a much better place now.

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