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September 2006

Run! Run Away!

Speak of the devil…

Accent Technologies, Proposal Software and eVestment Alliance Announce Integrated Set of Solutions to the Financial Services Industry at New York City’s PAICR Conference

Three companies with best-in-class solutions for different critical processes faced by financial services firms announce that they have established common interfaces for their products that allows sharing of data, thereby creating a powerful, integrated suite of solutions that covers activities from database updating, through proposal creation and management, to digital document management and presentation/pitchbook generation.

The three-company data sharing technology partnership involves Accent Technologies, Inc. (Accent Librarian(TM) is the leading presentation and pitchbook management solution); Proposal Software, Inc. (Proposal Management and Production System, Financial Edition v2006 or PMAPS® 2006, is the leading proposal management solution); and eVestment Alliance (eASE Exchange, is the leading tool used to update consultant databases).

2 comments to Run! Run Away!

  • matt

    wow. looks like i got out just in time so all this wouldn’t come crashing down on me. i wonder how many hours a certain lead developer had to spend doing this considering that the development “team” only consisted of 3 people a couple months ago. Well, this all goes without saying that the probability of this being pure marketing-speak and a complete sham is not a far off idea. I wouldn’t be surpised at all if this another thing cloaked in smoke and mirrors.

  • Abulsme

    I don’t get stuff all that often on that Google News alert. It will be interesting to see what the next one is. :-)

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