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January 2007

DVD: Trans-Siberian Orchestra – The Ghost Of Christmas Eve

The other movie that my mom wanted to see while she was visiting was The Constant Gardener. But when we got home the night we were going to watch it, it was already late and she was tired. So instead we decided to watch this much shorter DVD that Ron had given me for Christmas after he saw my post about going to the TSO Concert in December.

It was basically a cute little story about a run-away teen at Christmas illustrated with TSO songs. It was a good little mini-concert with many of their “standards”. Very similar to the first half of their live concert, but a different story. Good stuff though, and my mom enjoyed it. I think she would have liked the concert too if she had been here for it.

Anyway, it closed the evening out nicely. My mom ended up taking The Constant Gardener home with her and watching it partly on the plane and partly once she got home. She said it was good. After she returned it to Netflix, I put it back at the end of my queue, to watch in a decade or two when I get that far down on my queue. :-)

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