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January 2008

DVD: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 2nd Season: Disk 6

imageWe decided to take advantage of New Year’s to watch another DVD. What was next in order according to my current system was another “DVD I own which I haven’t watched yet”. Generally, I take the oldest DVD in that category… which would mean another Buffy. But sometimes, if Brandy or Amy really want to watch something that is a DVD that we own as a family (as opposed to one that is “mine”) and I haven’t seen it yet, I’ll agree to watch that. Brandy really wanted to watch Bridge to Terabithia which Amy had bought for herself a few months back. Normally even though I hadn’t seen it yet, I would have said no because Amy had seen it within the last 12 months, but it was New Year’s and all, so I said yes.

And we got about 20 minutes into the movie, and it seemed OK so far, but then it started skipping and such. Amy has a tendancy to not put her DVDs away properly when she isn’t using them, leaving them out wherever and unprotected… so they tend to get damaged and unwatchable. We stopped and Amy tried the toothpaste trick and got a few minutes further in the movie, but it started skipping again. Badly. So we were done with that movie.

Anyway, we fell back to what otherwise would have been the normally scheduled DVD, which is the last disk of the Buffy Season 2 set. This disk just has part part one and part two of the season finale “Becoming”. This is one of those episodes that for whatever reason I have limited memories of. I don’t know if I had actually NEVER seen it… I definitely remembered parts of it. So I guess I probably did watch it. But unlike some episodes (like say the oen with the fish on the last disk) where I remember way too much of it even years later and it diminishes things, on this one I was engaged the whole time through both episodes, with most of it feeling fresh and without me remembering details, even if I did remember the overall plot.

Anyway, these are good Buffy episodes. These are the kinds of episodes that make the series worth watching. It was fun. And it finishes off the Season 2 Box Set. Woo!

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