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January 2008

Dem Candidate Advice

I was going to do this on the next podcast, but then realized there would be debates before then, so here are a few thoughts.

For Clinton… and from what I’ve read about what she did on Friday, so far she is following this… resist the temptation to go negative. Contrast all you want, but if you actually start going negative, it will completely backfire. You will be done.

For Obama… at the debate this weekend, if Hillary crosses the line and gets even slightly mean and negative… just look over with that look you do and saw “Now Now Hillary, you don’t need to do that, you’re making yourself sound desperate.” She will get flustered and defensive. OK, it is a little condescending, but if you do it right, you’ll come out better.

For Edwards and Richardson… time to go home. Kucinich and Gravel too.

I was going to add some thoughts for each of the Republicans too, but I realized I don’t have many for them. Other than for Huckabee to stick to being himself and not try to pander, because the this is a nice guy who says what he believes, even if you disagree with it thing is his one possible source of appeal outside the evangelicals, and he needs that.

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