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January 2008

Graphing the Presidential Race

I wanted graphs over time of the delegate counts, but hadn’t seen one yet, so I went ahead and made a set of them. Since it was the easiest way for me, I just set this up on my wiki page. I will update these after each new primary or caucus (or if I notice any changes in between as superdelegates commit and such).

For those interested, click through below:

2008 Presidential Delegate Graphs

The following are graphs of the delegate counts for the US presidential race in both parties on a day by day basis. Data is taken from CNN’s Democratic Scorecard and Republican Scorecard pages. At a minimum, graphs will be updated after new primary and caucus results. Changes to superdelegate totals between primaries and caucuses may or may not be caught on the day they occur. The totals are as of the start of the day, so typically results of primaries and caucuses will show up on the day following those contests.

Results are shown both as a total number of delegates, and as a percentage of the delegates which have been allocated as of that date.

It is interesting to note how everybody didn’t start at zero before Iowa due to superdelegates and unpledged delegates who had already stated a preference.

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