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February 2008

Washington State Democratic Caucus, 41st District

They said attendance was about triple what it was four years ago.

I’m a Delegate

Nobody changed their minds, although some people lobbied Brandy. So 3 Obama delegates (and none for Clinton or Uncommitted) were elected from my precinct to go on to the county convention.

I am one of them.

(To be clear, I’ve been elected to represent my precinct at the district caucus and the county convention along with 2 other people… This is NOT to be a national delegate. The county convention will elect delegates to the state convention and the state convention will elect delegates to the national convention.)

My Precinct

16 people. 14 Obama. 1 Clinton. 1 Uncommitted.

That is the initial vote. There is still opportunity for people to change.


(PS: Brandy is the uncommitted, I was one of the Obamas.)

At the Caucus

Well with 15 minutes until it starts Brandy and I are in the elementary school gym where the caucuses for our district are… the Democratic Caucus… So far there are FIVE people from our precinct. 2 Obama. 3 uncommitted.

Ah, more people showing up now…

Still Adjusting Super Tuesday

I guess it just takes some time to get everything counted. The Democrat counts on CNN stayed the same today, but…

The Republicans got a few delegates. No more for McCain. He has enough it seems. Both Romney and Huckabee picked up a few more though. In percentage terms Huckabee rose a bit, McCain dropped some, and Romney stayed about even. Paul’s tiny number dropped a little bit.

Huckabee is of course still actively contesting things. He would have to win an unbelievable percentage of the remaining delegates to actually catch McCain. And a slightly lower but still unbelievable number just to keep McCain from ending with 50%. But given that now he is the only active anti-McCain candidate, he may be able to narrow the gap a bit. But it probably will not matter in the end.

Unless of course something drastic and unexpected happens. Which of course is always a possibility… but increasingly unlikely.

Paul Kinda Out, but not Fully

Message From Dr. Paul: Onward to the Convention, and Beyond!

Let me tell you my thoughts. With Romney gone, the chances of a brokered convention are nearly zero. But that does not affect my determination to fight on, in every caucus and primary remaining, and at the convention for our ideas, with just as many delegates as I can get. But with so many primaries and caucuses now over, we do not now need so big a national campaign staff, and so I am making it leaner and tighter. Of course, I am committed to fighting for our ideas within the Republican party, so there will be no third party run. I do not denigrate third parties — just the opposite, and I have long worked to remove the ballot-access restrictions on them. But I am a Republican, and I will remain a Republican.

I also have another priority. I have constituents in my home district that I must serve. I cannot and will not let them down. And I have another battle I must face here as well. If I were to lose the primary for my congressional seat, all our opponents would react with glee, and pretend it was a rejection of our ideas. I cannot and will not let that happen.

(via Wonkette)

OK, he actually is NOT officially ending the campaign. But he is scaling it way back and moving on to concentrate on his congressional race. But essentially this is a dropping out. The remaining “Paultards” as Wonkette so endearingly called them will slowly start to drift away except for some of the hardest true believers.

I’d say more than 50% of the people who were excited by him months ago had already drifted away. The way he reacted to the newsletter scandal just killed him for a lot of people, including me. Regardless of how many issues I may agree with him on when I just look at policy and issues, that scandal showed that his judgment was fundamentally flawed, that his integrity was questionable, and that his ability to handle a crisis effectively was essentially zero. These are all critical qualities in a president. So even though on an issue by issue basis, I “match” views with Paul at a greater percentage than any other candidate running, I would no longer feel comfortable giving him a vote in a caucus. Or the general election. And he knows he was harmed that way, so although he has been consistent on this all along, he is not wavering at all about his no 3rd party decision. If he was losing in the Republican process, but was still gaining more and more momentum and support, he might be changing his tune. But the momentum sputtered and stalled due to his own faults. So he is done.

I hope that SOMEDAY a viable candidate with a strong Libertarian bent, but who is not fatally flawed, and has the ability to make enough concessions to reality to not just be a doctronare ideologue. And no gold standard talk. Please. I mean, I bump ito people ALL THE TIME who are financially conservative but socially liberal. How hard is it to get someone with that combination to have real strength in national politics?

Pretty hard it seems.

Oh well.

Bye Dr. Paul. It was fun.

And although I had pretty much made my decision, this makes it now completely clear how I will be caucusing five hours from now.

Comments Problem

Ivan mentioned to me last weekend that he was having an issue posting a comment to my website. I thought it was probably a fluke as other people had been posting comments a day or two earlier without any difficulties. But today Brandy tried to post a comment and could not. So I’m investigating. In the mean time, if you can’t comment, I apologize.


I gather that McCain will be in my area within the next few hours too. I won’t be going to see him either.

Huckabee’s wife was here earlier too. Missed her.


Dunno if Paul has been in town lately. I don’t think so.

I’m just not seeing any of these people. Oh well.