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February 2008

Home Alone Soon

Just about 24 hours from now, plus or minus a little bit, I’ll be dropping Brandy and Amy off at the airport. Brandy’s mom is having surgery early next week, so the two of them are going to go back to Pennsylvania for a bit to help her out during her recovery. Part of the time is over a break between trimesters at Amy’s school, but she’ll still miss a few days, but we worked that all out with the school. All in all, they will be gone about two and a half weeks.

Brandy tells me I have to remember to feed the dog and the skink or they will die.

I will endeavor to remember to do that. :-)

Obama Over 50%

As results from Tuesday become official and additional delegates get added to the totals, Obama continues to push ahead and Clinton continues to fall behind. As of today’s update Obama breaks the 50% of delegates mark for the first time. Right now we are sitting at: Obama 50.3%, Clinton 48.6%, Edwards 1.0%. That’s still pretty close of course though. But I expect the gap to only widen with this coming Tuesday’s Wisconsin and Hawaii results. (Washington state has primaries too, but they will only matter on the Republican side.) As for March 4th, with Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas and Vermont… from everything I have been reading, even if Hillary does very well, she will only close the gap a bit, not retake the lead. It will be a question of if she can change the perceptions of momentum back into her favor…

And McCain picks up a few more and continues to extend his lead. 364 more delegates to go before he can claim the nomination outright.