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February 2008

Funnier Song

I hated the new Obama song, but this McCain Song is great.

(via Huffington Post)

Any Thoughts on Potomac Primary?

I forgot to ask before Super Tuesday, even though I knew I had readers in several Super Tuesday states… but I remembered for this one. Tomorrow are the primaries in Virginia, DC and Maryland. I know I have several readers in those areas. Do any of you have any thoughts? Are you planning to vote? If so which party? For who? Why? Do you have a sense of what your friends, coworkers and neighbors are thinking?

Jump in on the comments, or email me if that still doesn’t work for you.

Or just remain stoically silent if that is your preference. :-)

But comments are always appreciated.

Spitting Distance

All I can say is wow. With the preliminary results rolled in from Maine and additional updates from Saturday’s contests as those were finalized… we have 50.0% Clinton, 48.8% Obama, 1.1% Edwards.

Clinton is just BARELY over 50%. 50.022% or so actually.

If Obama does anywhere near as well in the Tuesday contests as he is expected to based on recent polls, he will almost definitely push Clinton below 50%. I think he will PROBABLY actually take the delegate lead as well. I mean the total delegate lead, including superdelegates. Obama *already* has the lead in pledged delegates.

Obama is building massive momentum here. Clinton is counting on being able to come back massively in Ohio and Texas on March 4th. But if she doesn’t manage a win or two between now and then, and if she keeps not just losing, but losing by big margins… and she falls behind in delegates… whatever she is hoping for in Ohio and Texas may just fail to materialize…

Now, could she keep it close enough so it will “be decided” by the superdelegates? Yes. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be decided in her favor.

She just can’t lose everything in February and expect to come back after that. Guiliani tried that in January, and we can see how well that worked for him. She needs to pull out some strong showings in some of the next few states. And right now her odds aren’t looking good.

My prediction has always been an Obama win. I’ll stick by that. But I don’t expect Clinton to stop fighting any time soon. There will still be some significant battles left to fight I think. And who knows, she may pull out a surprise somewhere.

Oh yeah, and there were some minor adjustments in the Republican delegate totals too. McCain picked up a handful more.

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Absent a Lightning Strike

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DVD: All Quiet on the Western Front

So, last weekend it was time for another one of my Netflix DVDs. And once again it was time for one of the 100 Years 100 Movies movies. In my quest to slowly see all of these (starting from #100 and working my way up) it was time for #54, All Quiet on the Western Front, from 1930. I knew it was a war movie about World War I, but otherwise pretty much did not know anything at all.

At first Brandy watched with me, but she HATES this kind of movie, so that didn’t last. Amy watched the last half of it with me, and didn’t appear to hate it, although I doubt she’ll be watching it again any time soon.

From my point of view, I was actually enthralled for most of the movie. I particularly was impressed by the large scale scenes with dozens and dozens of extras. I mean, this was 1930. In 2008 if there is a movie with that kind of scene, it is done with CGI. You just don’t see that kind of massive thing done with real people. But here it was, done some 77+ years ago. And done well. Massive battle scenes. Explosions. Things happening all over the place. It was just very well done. And it was done in 1930. I was impressed.

Also, I did notice they REALLY liked the camera shot with a view from inside of a room through a window or door to a lot of things going on outside. Those are fun, but you can tell they were using that over and over and over again.

As for the story itself… the acting was not great. Especially at the beginning. But it still got the effect across. Kids who were initially innocent changed by a senseless war as everybody dies around them, with the world that has not been directly touched now a completely alien place for them. And the iconic final scene still resonates today.

Anyway… it was a little long… at times the audio wasn’t great and it was hard to hear what people were saying. But it was a good movie to have seen… once anyway. :-)