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September 2008

Glad There is a Choice

The edit I made a few minutes after posting my last post made me think of one other thing. I am so glad that Hillary didn’t win. If Hillary would have won, then even when you include the third party candidates (Barr, Nader, McKinney, etc) there would be absolutely NOBODY on the ballot that I would feel comfortable voting for. I would have gone to the polls thinking every single choice I had was a reprehensible scumbag.

I would have to write myself in, which unlike voting for a third party who actually is on the ballot, really is nothing but a protest.

But I would not have in good conscience been able to vote for Hillary Clinton. During the primaries, I actually said that if she won I would be considering McCain. I probably would have “considered” but his behavior over the past few months (which I admit might have been different if Hillary was his opponent) have made it so now I don’t feel like I could vote for him, almost no matter who his opponents were.

Anyway, Obama won, so I don’t have to worry about that. I can vote for Obama not only with a clean conscience, but with some level of enthusiasm.

I add of course that if he wins and takes office, he will without doubt almost immediately start doing things I disagree with sharply, and then I will of course start going after him for those things.

I suspect if he does win, I’ll start getting upset and disappointed even before inauguration day, when he inevitably starts appointing old school Democrats to cabinet posts rather than truly new fresh faces.

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