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September 2008

13513.9614 Days

As I type it is eight hours and a few minutes until the exact time I’ll be exactly 37 years old. It will happen at 20:02:23 UTC today. That’s 1:02:23 PM Pacific, 4:02:23 PM Eastern.

I should be asleep right now, but I stayed up late to finished getting the podcast out the door. I’m off for a short bit of sleep, then up to do the election updates, then off to work. At the exact moment above, I’ll be in a meeting at work. Then I need to leave work a little early to take care of reregistering my car before my current registration expires. Then I will probably come home and collapse.

Oh yeah, those using actual calendar anniversaries rather than the actual length of a year might not notice this anniversary until tomorrow. But I know better. Years are 365.242199 days long, and because of the distribution of leap days and such, the actual time of the anniversary drifts over the years when compared to calendar dates and times. My calculations of course take that into effect.

Anyway. Time for a brief nap before I have to get up and do stuff.

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