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September 2008

I Take It Back

After her speech at the convention, I said some things about how Democrats underestimated Sarah Palin at their peril, and that while inexperienced, she was very good and could be quite a challenge.

After watching her handful of interviews, most recently the Katie Couric one, let me revise those thoughts.

She is as dumb as a rock.

Carry on.

10 comments to I Take It Back

  • ivanbou

    I don’t know if it’s just nervousness. Paul Begala on Anderson Cooper yesterday, said I am not going to comment on her intellect and focused on the fact, that the Mccain camp has screwed up completely by putting this complete shield around her. She has lost any self confidence whatsoever which makes it even worse.

    Going back to the intellect part, yes, in my opionion this woman is dumb as a rock. What she did at the convention was read a good speech of a teleprompter. She was a fucking tv news reporter, duh! Take the teleprompter out and what you see is an undereducated slacker, who only got a passport last year, and thinks that foreign relations are the product of looking at Russia and Canada from across the border. She had a meeting with Henry Kissinger and the New York times had a little piece where a group of women from the NY area said “I bet that’s the first jew she ever met!” Then someone chimed in “no, it’s the second she met Lieberman”. I guess we better call the secret service and tell them to dust off the old Quayle playbook just in case Mccain wins…

  • matt

    I feel worse than I did 4 years ago. There is such an impending sense of dread in my head that what happened in 2000 and 2004 will hopefully not happen this time. Obama’s message of hope manifests in me such that I hope that the republicans don’t win.

  • Abulsme

    Posting for Ivan since he couldn’t:

    I can’t log on to the damn blog from my phone. I am dreading and sad at how our economy is being clobbered by the systematic misnamagent from this administration, that the fucking republicans at the middle of this crisis suggest that another tax cut for the rich is the way to go!

    Looking at the election I now firmly believe that unless obama fucks up tonight, which I don’t expect, he will win. There is no way with the economy at this inflection point will they give the white house back to another republican.

  • Abulsme

    I’ve seen several commentaries talking about how if you look at interviews she did BEFORE being picked to be VP, she looks much better than she does now. Possible factors mentioned include overcoaching and protectionism by the McCain team, basically making her afraid to open her mouth, and just that she is now being asked to talk about new things she knows less about, as compared to being asked to talk about Alaskan issues, with which she was well versed.

    Regardless, assuming they don’t win, this whole VP thing may end up hurting her long term prospects. It is possible she might have done better given another few years to cook first.

  • Abulsme

    538’s odds have Obama at 74.7% now. Does that make you feel any better Matt?

  • Abulsme

    I don’t think there were any errors in the debate that will have an effect on anything. So I think since Obama had the momentum coming into the debate, he still has it coming out.

    Now in a few days, we should have the VP debate.

    Now THAT will be entertaining.

  • matt

    the only thing that will make me feel better is to wake up on the morning of wednesday november 5 and see reports that a certain someone has won.

  • matt

    roseanne barr

  • Abulsme

    She would be a good President I am sure.

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