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December 2008

Storm Effects

Well, it looks like the storm knocked out our DirecTV. Probably just enough accumulation of ice and snow on the dish to block the signal rather than the dish actally being knocked out of whack. We’ll see if it comes back on its own when things start melting, or if someone has to get on the roof to fix it. (Brandy says I am not allowed to be the one to go on the roof, something about falling.)

Also, just checked my work email and got word that they are saying to only come in if you absolutely have to and can do so safely. So I’ll be working from home yet again today. Given that the current forecast only shows a one day break or so before it starts getting snowy again (with a nice dash of freezing rain!) I wonder if we’ll even manage to squeeze in a normal work day this week at all.

I like the working from home thing in moderation, but I think I’m almost ready to be back in the office now. :-)

2 comments to Storm Effects

  • ivanbou

    use a long stick or broom

  • Abulsme

    Such a thing would perhaps be helpful if the dish was even somewhere that it could be seen from the ground. However, it is not visible, let alone reachable with a long stick or broom.

    Everything started working again later in the day though, presumably when the temperature briefly went above freezing and whatever was on the dish fell off.

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