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December 2008

Podcast Now Fixed

I corrected the error (my audio accidentally got offset by 12 seconds from Ivan’s for the first 15 minutes, which made it kind of unlistenable) and pushed out the corrected version. For any of you who have not yet downloaded it… just do your normal thing and all should be well, let me know if it is not.

For what I believe are the two people who already downloaded it other than me…

I tried to do it in such a way that iTunes will actually detect the change and download the new version, but iTunes is sometimes finicky. If you have the broken version… which I believe only three people do, including myself, and iTunes doesn’t get the new version for you on its own then you can try going to your podcast section in iTunes, right click on Curmudgeon’s Corner and choose “Update Podcast”. If that fails, you can always click through directly to the XML file to find the new file, or for that matter, here is a link directly to the corrected mp3 file.

I’m letting my iTunes just sit to see if iTunes does end up actually grabbing the new one on its own. The only other time I had to do an after the fact fix it did not, but I’m trying something different this time.

Do let me know what works or does not work in terms of forcing iTunes to pick up the new one.

If you are one of those two people that is. (One of whom is the person who pointed out the problem to me… thanks Chris… and the other of whom is somebody who looking at the IP and the traceroute I don’t have a guess as to who they are.)

Anyway… all is well now. :-)

And it is time for me to run to work.

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