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June 2010

Shot Down a Boat

In the latest Curmudgeon’s Corner…

Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • Going to Ikea
  • The Oil Spill
  • Apple/Microsoft/Google
  • Phone Habits
  • North Korea
  • Facebook Hijinks

Just click to listen now:

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Recorded 31 May 2010″]


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6 comments to Shot Down a Boat

  • From TP via Facebook:

    oh man this is awesome, i had no idea curmudgeon’s corner was still going!

    (37 minutes ago)

  • From SM via Facebook:

    It had a very long hiatus… The last WRCT version with me and Ivan together was most likely in 1993. I did a handful of additional solo episodes in 1994 and 1995. Then nothing for 12 years.

    Ivan and I revived Curmudgeon’s Corner as a podcast in June 2007 and there has been an episode every week since. At this point there have been more podcast episodes of the show than there ever were on WRCT.

    Oh wait… June 2007. June 2010. Wow! This next episode will mark us having done this as a podcast for THREE YEARS. Woo!

    (2 seconds ago)

  • From TP via Facebook:

    cool, this is going in my itunes podcast subscriptions when i get home tonight

    (4 minutes ago)

  • From SM via Facebook:

    Excellent. Hope you enjoy it. :-) Ivan, it looks like our master plan is working! We may have captured another listener!

    (2 seconds ago)

  • From IB via Facebook:

    Okay Pinky! Errr I mean Sam

    (6 hours ago)

  • From SM via Facebook:

    Are you pondering cheese sticks?

    (2 seconds ago)

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