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September 2010

Printing is Fun

Taken 2010 Jul 15 03:34 UTC by Amy Roney

Guck the Fish

Taken 2010 Jul 11 06:51 UTC

Sleeping Siblings

Taken 2010 Jul 6 15:07 UTC

My Sister’s Keeper

Original Release: 2009 Jun 26
Date Watched: 2010 Aug 15
Queue: Amy’s
Format: DVD

We’re finally in the recent past. Only a few weeks ago now. After we got the new projector and A/V system set up in our family room, this is the first thing we watched. It wasn’t exactly the kind of movie you watch to show off a bright new screen and sound system… no big special effects or explosions or anything… but it was next in line, and Amy had been patiently waiting while we ordered the new stuff, waited for it to arrive, and then took more than two weeks to get it all set up.

Anyway, My Sister’s Keeper… girl has cancer. Parents have designer kid (second girl) to provide spare parts for first girl. Second girl sues to right over her own body, to choose NOT to have to give her kidney (or whatnot) to her sister, even though that is her sister’s only hope at that point. Then hilarity ensues. Well, no, very little hilarity, although there are a few lighter moments.

For the most part though this is one of those heart wrenching watch as a family confronts and deals with a horrible situation type of movies that tries to pull all your emotional strings. And so of course I liked it.

It wasn’t the best of these sorts of movies I’ve seen, but you do start to care about the people, and start to put yourself in their shoes, and feel their pain and struggle. If you like this kind of movie it is OK. Worth the rental.

Amy of course finished the movie with a long monologue about the things that were different from the book, which she had read recently. I have not read the book, so I did not notice any of these things.