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September 2010

Bumbering Again

Yesterday Brandy and Amy went to Bumbershoot and Alex and I stayed home. 12+ hours without Mommy, which I think is a new record. We did fine. But today Amy has a friend with her and so Brandy wanted company since we knew Amy and friend would immediately go off on their own. So Alex and I are here with Brandy for the day. Woo!

Happy Fifth of July!

OK, so I’m a few months late posting. And the other people looking at this at the time considered it to be July 4th. But it was already July 5th UTC by then, so that’s what I’m putting here darn it! :-)

Taken 2010 Jul 5 05:20 UTC

Alex Foot

A neighborhood dentist office was doing the process they often do with teeth on people’s fingers and such at the neighborhood July 4th picnic. Alex used his foot.

Taken 2010 Jul 4 23:15 UTC

Another Eye


Taken 2010 Jul 2 02:46 UTC by Amy Roney

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 PosterSo, slowly catching up on these. A while ago when it came out I really wanted to see Toy Story 3. So, we all went together. Alex had made it through a couple movies with Brandy. But this time about 10 minutes in, he was starting to really like the movie… so yelling at the screen and such. So, I left and hung out with him elsewhere until the movie was done. Brandy gave me a gift certificate to go see it again later, since I had been the one who wanted to go in the first place.

So, a month later or so, Brandy and I made a date night of it, leaving Amy home babysitting Alex.

I forgot to bring the gift certificate though. It is still here on my desk.

Anyway, I of course loved it. I am an absolute sucker for these kind of movies. I felt all sad for the toys at the appropriate times. I felt happy at the appropriate times. I practically bawled at the ending like any self respecting almost 40 year male old would. Right? Right? Oops, forget I said that.

Anyway, as usual for Pixar stuff, great stuff. Love it. They produce wonderful movies. If you haven’t seen this already, what is wrong with you. Go see it now. It is still in the theaters. If you miss it, be sure to rent it once it is out.

I mean, this isn’t the hight of all artistic efforts ever made, but it is a good fun movie. And no, you don’t need to have kids or be a kid to enjoy it.