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September 2010

Blue Angels

Taken 2010 Aug 5 20:51 UTC

So then we got him a real cart…

And he likes pushing it around when we go shopping very much.

Taken 2010 Aug 4 4:36 UTC

Alex Shopping

He pushed his “cart” all around Target for pretty much the whole time we were shopping there, stopping to look at things that interested him, and then continuing on his way.

Taken 2010 Jul 29 04:30 UTC

Doctor Who: The War Games: Disk 1

Original Release: 1969 Apr 19 to 1969 Jun 21
Date Watched: 2010 Aug 20
Queue: Who
Format: DVD

Time for another Doctor Who, and this time it is the last story from the Second Doctor, The War Games. It is a 10 episode one, so this disk only had the first half of the story. The crew lands in somewhere that seems World War I, but then turns out to be something different.

So far this is an OK Second Doctor Story. There is a lot of comedy from how silly some of the villains are. The Doctor himself is not as clownish as the Second Doctor sometimes is. As usual for this era things are very very slow by modern standards. The first two hours or so of the story that we have watched so far, if done in the modern style, would be less than half the length.

But it is OK.

The first half that we have watched so far is all setup though from what I understand, although I haven’t seen this before. The Doctor and his companions are in the process of getting into a mess that he can’t solve himself, which will result in him calling on his people, the Time Lords, for help, which is their introduction in the series, and which leads to the regeneration into the Third Doctor.

So, things are nicely set up at the half way point. Trouble abounds, everyone is in peril, etc. So I guess bring on the rest…