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September 2010

Watching the Bird

Taken 2010 Aug 28 16:11 UTC

Looking for Narnia

Taken 2010 Aug 25 15:59 UTC

At the 2010 Company Picnic

Taken 2010 Aug 15 21:50 UTC by Amy Roney

2010: The Year We Make Contact

Original Release: 1984 Dec 7
Date Watched: 2010 Aug 24
Queue: Brandy’s
Format: DVD

So we finally get to the movie Brandy wanted to watch on New Year’s Eve. Oops. A little slow there. But we got there eventually. It was of course 2010. This is of course a very different style of movie than 2001. As in, it actually has things like a plot and dialogue and such. Things actually happen.

Now, that is not to say that at the end Amy didn’t still react with “WHAT? WHAT JUST HAPPENED?” Because of course it is still a little strange. What with the apparition of Bowman and all. Amy is creeped out by the space baby thing.

It is one of those things where the movie is going along, typical sort of thing with spaceships and futuristic but realistic things happening, and then Bowman shows up, shifts ages every few seconds, then turns into a floating space baby. I can see why that would creep someone out.

And then of course things happen to Jupiter that are not fully explained. So you get the “WHAT?” factor going.

But it is a fun movie. I enjoy it. Worth making sure you see it while it is still 2010, just for the comparison of what the vision of technology was versus the reality of what it is. As far as I can tell, we are missing the manned missions to Jupiter with the spaceships with lots of glowing primary color buttons all over the place. Oh well! Perhaps by 2110?