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Amy Has Her Car… Uh… Minivan!


TARDIS Blue 2003 Ford Windstar

100% her choice. May she use it for good, not for evil. May she use it in wisdom. May she use it in peace. May she not run out of gas.

3 comments to Amy Has Her Car… Uh… Minivan!

  • Marilyn Dadowski

    Congrats Amy on your new wheels! Drive safe and enjoy your new Minivan!


  • Ruth M Brandon

    wow! how’d I miss this post??? Congratulations to Amy but I echo all your sentiments!

  • @MD and @RB thanks for the congrats. I’m sure Amy will enjoy it (and hopefully be safe). As soon as she gets it in gear and goes and takes (and passes!) her test at the DMV. Hopefully next week. It would be nice if she could drive herself in time for classes to start again the first week of January.

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