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July 2012

Mom Visit Saturday

Amy in Bunny Suit (Photo from Amy)

Alex making cookies

Sam and Alex, playing Trains (Photo from Mom)

Alex and Mom on the play house thing

Alex climbing the slide with Grama Ruth watching

Once more down the slide

Me and Alex on the way to the surprise (Photo by Amy)

The surprise is trains! (Photo by Mom)

What is the surprise Alex? (Photo from Mom)

The surprise is Thomas! (Photo from Mom)

Amy got a Diesel 10 tattoo (Photo from Amy)

Watching model trains (Photo from Amy)

Getting ready to board the Thomas train (Photo from Amy)

Are we really sure we want to do this? (Photo from Amy)

Deciding to be brave (Photo from Amy)

On the train! (Photo from Amy)

Why do you keep pointing the camera at me? (Photo from Amy)

Looking out the window (Photo from Amy)

There is a lot to see! (Photo from Amy)

Deep in thought

Still concentrating (Photo from Amy)

Wide eyed (Photo from Amy)

The photographer

A fun day! (Photo from Amy)

But lots to think about… (Photo from Amy)

Are we done yet? (Photo from Amy)

Grama Ruth gets to see too

Getting tired…

But then, a view!

A view? (Photo from Amy)

Seriously… are we done yet? (Photo from Amy)

Cause I’m kinda done… (Photo from Amy)

4 comments to Mom Visit Saturday

  • From LR via Facebook:

    Those are so cute…reminds me of days not so long ago with my boys!

    4 hours ago

  • From SM via Facebook:

    He had a good time. :-)

    2 seconds ago

  • Grandma D

    Did you know that the rolling pin Alex uses to make cookies is older than me? The trains are probably older than me. The amazing thing is, we all still work! Hope we find some really fun thing to do when I visit but with Alex, I don’t think much can beat the trains.

  • Oh, I’m sure he will find tons of fun things to do with Grama Leslie! :-)

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